Conveyancing Process


These are the steps involved in a standard property purchase.


1.  We will ask you to complete our client instruction form, provide evidence of identity and supply money on account of costs.

2.  We receive a sales memorandum from the estate agent and make contact with the seller’s solicitors.
3.  The seller’s solicitors will send us a “draft contract package” or “draft contract” which include a contract, a copy of the up to date title from the Land Registry (and a copy of the Lease if this is a leasehold property) property information forms along with supporting documentation.
4.  We will review the contract pack.  Normally we will have some enquiries to send to the seller’s solicitors.  
5.  We will order searches.
6.  If you are buying with a mortgage then your mortgage company will carry out a valuation and send us a mortgage offer.  We are not involved in arranging the valuation and the first involvement we have with your mortgage is when we receive a formal mortgage offer from your lender.  We normally get the mortgage offer a few days after you get yours.
7.  Once we have answers to our enquiries, results of all our searches, and your mortgage offer, and have dealt with any issues arising, we will send you our contract report which includes the contract for you to sign, and results of our enquiries and investigations.  We will ask you to sign the contract and return it to us and supply a deposit, normally 10% of the purchase price.  At this stage we will also ask you for details of your buildings insurance which you will need to have ready to put in place on exchange of contracts.
8.  Once you have signed and returned the contract we will be ready to exchange, but of course exchange cannot take place until your seller and anyone else in the chain is ready.



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